My Elvis Collection

Original EP from
United Kingdom

Love Me Tender

EP, United Kingdom
1957-02, HMV 7EG-8199

1. Love Me Tender
2. Let Me

1. Poor Boy
2. We're Gonna Move
Good Rockin' Tonight

EP, United Kingdom
1957-09, HMV 7EG-8256

1. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
2. Good Rockin' Tonight

1. Milkcow Blues Boogie
2. Just Because
Peace In The Valley

1957-10, RCA EPA-4054 (USA)
1957-09, RCA RCX-101 (UK)

1. Peace In The Valley
2. It Is No Secret

1. I Believe
2. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
Elvis Presley

EP, United Kingdom
1957-10, RCA RCX-104

1. I Need You So
2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

1. Blueberry Hill
2. Don't Leave Me Now (2/23/57)
Jailhouse Rock

1957-10, RCA EPA-4114 (USA)
1958-01, RCA RCX-106 (UK)

1. Jailhouse Rock
2. Young And Beautiful

1. I Want To Be Free
2. Don't Leave Me Now
3. Baby, I Don't Care
King Creole, Vol. 1

1958-01, RCA EPA-4319 (USA)
1958-10, RCA RCX-117 (UK)

1. King Creole
2. New Orleans

1. As Long As I Have You
2. Lover Doll
King Creole, Vol. 2

1958-06, RCA EPA-4321 (USA)
1958-10, RCA RCX-118 (UK)

1. Trouble
2. Young Dreams

1. Crawfish
2. Dixieland Rock
Elvis Sings Christmas Songs

EP, United Kingdom
1958-11, RCA RCX-121

1. Santa Bring My Baby Back
2. Blue Christmas

1. Santa Claus Is Back In Town
2. I'll Be Home For Christmas

In 1959 is the gatefold version released.
Elvis Sails

1958-11, RCA EPA-4325 (USA)
1958-11, RCA RCX-131 (UK)

1. Press Interview with Elvis Presley At
      Brooklyn Army Terminal
      (September 22, 1958)

1. Elvis Presley's Newsreel Interview
      (September 22, 1958)
2. Pat Hernon Interviews Elvis in the
      Library of the U.S.S. Randall at Sailing
      (September, 1958)
Elvis In Tender Mood

EP, United Kingdom
1959-02-09, RCA RCX-135

1. Young And Beautiful
2. True Love

1. Lover Doll
2. Love Me Tender
A Touch of Gold, Volume 1

EP, United Kingdom
1959-11, RCA RCX-1045

1. Hard Headed Woman
2. Good Rockin' Tonight

1. Don't
2. Teddy Bear
Strictly Elvis

EP, United Kingdom
1959-12, RCA RCX-157

1. Old Shep
2. Any Place Is Paradise

1. Paralyzed
2. Is It So Strange
A Touch of Gold, Volume 2

1959-09, RCA EPA-5101 (USA)
1960-02, RCA RCX-1048 (UK)

1. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
2. Treat Me Nice

1. One Night
2. That's All Right
Such A Night

EP, United Kingdom
1960-11, RCA RCX-190

1. Such A Night
2. It Feels So Right

1. Like A Baby
2. Make Me Know It
Follow That Dream

1962-04, RCA EPA-4368 (USA)
1962-06, RCA RCX-211 (UK)

1. Follow that Dream
2. Angel

1. What a Wonderful Life
2. I'm Not the Marrying Kind
Kid Galahad

1962-08, RCA EPA-4371 (USA)
1963-01, RCA RCX-7106 (UK)

1. King of the Whole Wide World
2. This Is Living
3. Riding the Rainbow

1. Home Is Where the Heart Is
2. I Got Lucky
3. A Whistling Tune
Viva Las Vegas /
Love In Las Vegas (UK)

1964-05, RCA EPA-4382 (USA)
1964-04, RCA RCX-7141 (UK)

1. If You Think I Don't Need You
2. I Need Somebody To Lean On

1. C'Mon Everybody
2. Today, Tomorrow and Forever
Elvis For You, Volume 1

EP, United Kingdom
1964-05, RCA RCX-7142

1. Rip It Up
2. Love Me

1. When My Blue Moon
      Turns To Gold Again
2. Paralyzed
Elvis For You, Volume 2

EP, United Kingdom
1964-05, RCA RCX-7143

1. Long Tall Sally
2. First In Line

1. How Do You Think I Feel
2. How's The World Treating You
Tickle Me

EP, United Kingdom
1965-07, RCA RCX-7173

1. I Feel That I've Known You Forever
2. Night Rider
3. Slowly But Surely

1. Dirty, Dirty Feeling
2. Put The Blame On Me
Tickle Me, Vol. 2

EP, United Kingdom
1965-08, RCA RCX-7174

1. It Feels So Right
2. Easy Question

1. Long Lonely Highway
2. I'm Yours
Easy Come, Easy Go

EP, United Kingdom
1967-06, RCA RCX-7187

1. Easy Come, Easy Go
2. Yoga Is As Yoga Does

1. Sing You Children
2. I'll Take Love
G.I. Blues
The Alternate Takes EP

1981, RCA RCX-1

1. Shoppin' Around (BO-3,5)
2. Big Boots (MO-4)

1. Tonight's All Right For Love (3,4,2,7,17)
2. Frankfort Special (HO-13)

From the 11 vinyl ep box "The EP Collection".
G.I. Blues
The Alternate Takes Vol. 2

1982, RCA RCX-2

1. What's She Really Like?
2. G.I. Blues

1. Doin' The Best I Can
2. Pocketful Of Rainbows

From the 11 vinyl ep box "The EP Collection, Volume 2".
Collectors Gold
Unreleased Studio Rehearsal Versions

1982, RCA RCX-3

1. His Latest Flame
2. Good Luck Charm

1. Judy
2. Little Sister

From the 11 vinyl ep box "The EP Collection, Volume 2".
Tomorrow Night

EP England
2000, BMG/Castle Music ELVIS 101 (disc 6)

1. That's All Right (alt.)
2. Harbor Lights

1. Tomorrow Night
2. Trying To Get To You

From the 5 single (+ 1 ep) box "Sun Singles".
Elvis Presley Sings By Request
Love Me

EP England
2012, RCA LPC 123

1. Love Me
2. Hound Dog

1. Don't Be Cruel
2. Jailhouse Rock

Blue vinyl disc.
This is not an official RCA, BMG or Sony release.

My Elvis Collection

Original EP from
United Kingdom