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The Making Of Jailhouse Rock
(2 books, 3 cd's & 1 vinyl single, incl. slipcase)

Vince Everett: Treat Me Nice / Don't Leave Me Now

Sony 506020-975049
FTD 2021-12 Denmark

hardcover 365 pages (12"x12") THE MOVIE
hardcover 85 pages (12"x12") THE MUSIC

cd 1, 24 tracks, 35:36 min.
cd 2, 25 tracks, 37:14 min.
cd 3, 24 tracks, 46:42 min.

Laurel Record Co. No.41-623
2021-12 Denmark
paper sleeve
1 vinyl single, 2 tracks, 4:03 min.

The Pot Luck Sessions
incl. 8" slipcase

Sony 506020-975160
FTD 2021-11 Denmark
8" fold-out cover in slipcase
cd 1, 27 tracks, ? min.
cd 2, 26 tracks, ? min.
cd 3, 28 tracks, ? min.
cd 4, 25 tracks, ? min.
cd 5, 29 tracks, ? min.

5-panel fold-out cd carrier in an 8"x8" slipcase.
The 28-page booklet featuring an insightful essay, rare photographs, memorabila, and recording data.

Raised On Rock
I've Got Rhythm In My Soul

Sony 506020-975158 APL1-0388
FTD 2021 Denmark
12" gatefold cover
vinyl lp 1, 12 tracks, ? min.
vinyl lp 2, 12 tracks, ? min.

DMM Copper Mastering.
180 Grams heavyweight vinyl.

South Bound
Tampa/Atlanta '75

Sony 506020-975159
FTD 2021-11 Denmark
double digipack
cd 1, 20 tracks, ? min.
      1975-04-26 aft. Tampa/Florida
cd 2, 21 tracks, ? min.
      1975-05-02 eve. Atlanta/Georgia

The Elvis Files Magazine
Issue 36

Elvis Files
2021-09 Norway
softcover magazine

The First EP Of Elvis Presley
Around The World

Arnoud Guillaume
2021-02 France
7"x7" softcover book, 147 pages

Elvis Presley
His Debut Album

Glamourama Records 660157
2021 EU
12" cover
1 vinyl lp, 12 tracks, ? min.

Inside the the LP came the EP:
"Rockin' Presley".

Rockin' Presley
(green vinyl)

Hound Dog /
Don't Be Cruel /
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You /
Heartbreak Hotel

Glamourama Records 660157
2021 EU
Cardboard sleeve
1 vinyl ep, 4 tracks, ? min.

Came with the LP:
"Elvis Presley, His Debut Album".
Pressed on green vinyl

Commemorative Jukebox Series - Volumes 1-5

Hound Dog / Don't Be Cruel
Can't Help Falling In Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby
Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice
Blue Suede Shoes / Tutti Frutti
Are You Lonesome Tonight / I Gotta Know

BMG 8990-2-RH / 8991-2-RH / 8992-2-RH / 8993-2-RH / 8994-2-RH
1991 USA
5 cd, 10 tracks, ? min.
20,- Euro each (Elvis On CD)

The CD's were sold for use only in Jukeboxes.
If you can catch the complete series with the title strips, you have a true collector item.

Can't Help Falling In Love /
Suspicious Minds /
In The Ghetto

BMG Ariola 74321 11061 2
1993 Italy
cardboard sleeve
1 cd, 3 tracks, ? min.
80,- Euro (Elvis On CD)

To promote the Italian CD "The King". On the back cover it's noted that tracks 2 and 3 are taken from the box-set "Elvis From Nashville - The Essential 60's Masters I". The correct title is "From Nashville To Memphis - The Essential 60's Masters I". Tracks 2 and 3 are not taken from the CD box at all!

Always On My Mind /
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
(laughing version) /
Kiss Me Quick /

BMG 74321-53150 2
1997 Brazil
slimline jewel-case
1 cd, 4 tracks, ? min.
30,- Euro (Elvis On CD)

I'll Be Home For Christmas

1999-12 USA
promo cd, 1 track, ? min.
100,- Euro (Elvis On CD)

Only around 600 copies of this release have been pressed. Technically this is not a bona-fide promo CD since it is not promoting any particular commercial CD. However, it is very rare and unique among Elvis collectors.

Coming Soon:

What Now, What Next, Where To
- What's left?

A look at the FTD label's
future possible releases.

The Movie Catalog

2021 Norway
hardcover 490 pages (13"x9,5")

Like A Black Tornado
Live At Boston Garden 1971

MRS 10011071
2021 EU
hardback booklet 40 pages
1 cd, 23 tracks, ? min.
      1971-11-10 Boston

Including 40-page booklet

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My Wish Came True
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