2012, Follow That Dream Records
book & 1 cd, 11 tracks

Original LP date / label: 1960 September 23, RCA Victor LPM-2256 (mono)
Catalog no.: 506020-975045
Label: Follow That Dream Books / Sony Music Entertainment / Flaming Star
Country produced: Denmark
Country pressed: EU
Release date: 2012 July
Copies: ?
Value (source): 65,00 Euro (Elvis Corner, Utrecht)
FTD follow-up no.: 115. (Elvis On CD)
204. (Elvis Australia)
204. (World Of FTD 3, page 818)
FTD serie: Books
Produced by: Ernst Mikael Jorgensen
Mastered by: Lene Reidel
Package: 10"x10" hardcover book
This title is now deleted from the FTD catalog.
The CD comes in a clear plastic folder, which is glued on the inside of the book at the back.
FTD first released an extended CD version of the original album in 2012.
The same year they released a book, accompanied wih the original mono album on CD.
In 2013, Volume 2 was released as a 2 CD version as well, with the title "Cafe Europe".
In that year was also the double vinyl version released of the first double album.
Finally, in 2018 was "Cafe Europe" was also released as an double vinyl album.
All FTD pressings:
2-CD, Vol. 1, 2012 book/cd, 2012 2-CD, Vol. 2, 2013 2-LP set, Vol. 1, 2013 2-LP set, Vol. 2, 2018

The book

Pages: 350
Photos: 300+
Cover: 10"x10" hardcover
Weight: 2,1 kg
UPC/EAN: 5060209750453
Author: David English
Publisher & Editor: Pal Granlund
Compiled, Researched, Design,
      Original Layout & Image restoration: David English
Layout & Design: Leif Korreborg

Hot on the heels of WELCOME HOME ELVIS comes its sequel, another Flaming Star production written by David English, which brings Elvis from Memphis back to the movie making business in Hollywood, and the actual production of G.I. Blues. Includes unpublished and rare photographs from the archives of Pal Granlund. It features many original newspaper stories and magazine articles, as well as memos, documents and scripts from the original Paramount Pictures archives to form a comprehesive story on the making of the movie. The 350 pages book includes for the first time on CD the G.I. Blues soundtrack mono album as originally released in 1960, taken from recently found original mono masters.

G.I. Blues

Tracks: 11
Time: 26:38
Matrix: IFPI LB46 arvato 55150339/G.I. Blues 21
Mould: IFPI 0776
Recording type: Masters and outtakes
Location 1: RCA Studios, Hollywood
      Date:       1960 April 27, 28
Location 2: Radio Recorders, Studio B, Hollywood
      Date:       1960 May 6

      G.I. Blues, side 1:
01. Tonight Is So Right For Love mono master, FO take 11 02:15 1960 April 27
02. What's She Really Like mono master, GO take 19 / 22 02:19 *1) 1960 April 28
03. Frankfort Special mono master, HO-X take 10 02:56 1960 May 6
04. Wooden Heart mono master, QO take 4 02:04 1960 April 28
05. G.I. Blues mono master, EO take 7/10 02:40 *2) 1960 April 27
      G.I. Blues, side 2:
06. Pocketful Of Rainbows mono master, NO-X take 2 02:35 1960 May 6
07. Shoppin' Around mono master, BO-X take 7 02:24 1960 May 6
08. Big Boots mono master, MO take 4 / M2O-X take 4 01:32 *3) 1960 April 28 / May 6
09. Didja' Ever mono master, CO take 2 02:38 *4) 1960 April 27
10. Blue Suede Shoes mono master, PO take 1 02:08 1960 April 28
11. Doin' The Best I Can mono master, DO take 13 03:15 1960 April 27
All tracks are in mono. The stereo versions are released on the double CD by FTD in 2012.
*1) The master of "What's She Really Like" is a composite of GO take 19 and 'insert' GO take 22.
*2) The master of "G.I. Blues" is a composite of EO take 7 and 'pick-up' EO take 10.
*3) The master of "Big Boots" (documented as SO take 3) is a composite of MO take 4 (slow tempo) recorded at April 28 and M2O-X take 4 (slow tempo insert), recorded on May 6 1960.
*4) The original LP master of "Didja' Ever" from 1960 is take 2 only (with prominent 'tuba' intro). At some point, however, in October 1960, RCA replaced the album master with a spliced verion, which had the intro from take 1 (with less 'tuba') and the rest of the song being take 2.

2012, Follow That Dream Records
book & 1 cd, 11 tracks