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The Beginning:

The songs and outtakes being released today were in the vaults but not considered of any interest to anyone for many years.
In the 90's BMG started releasing The Essential Elvis series, starting with
      'The Essential Elvis : The First Movies', followed by
      'Stereo '57 : Essential Elvis 2',
      'Hit's Like Never Before : Essential Elvis 3',
      'A Hundred Years From Now : Essential Elvis 4', ending with
      'Rhythm & Country : Essential Elvis 5' in 1998,
FTD began one year later ...

Importantly in 1996 people were putting out bootleg soundboard concerts that were selling very well.
Some of these were stolen but many, lots, where originally given to new musicians joining the Elvis show to get an idea of an Elvis concert,
also some of the sound engineers gave copies to friends, not all is known how they got out,
but there are a large number of the 1000 or so concerts that Elvis performed in private hands - and also in the hands of FTD.

a Danish historian named Ernst Jorgensen had a dream: he wanted to start a specialist label for Elvis completists and die hard fans.
His aim was to offer studio outtakes, lost masters and rare "soundboard recordings" (direct from a mixing console)
from numerous 70s live shows - legally and in the best sound quality possible.
Jorgensen was no upstart - in fact he was already head of the Danish department of RCA and the driving force
behind all major Elvis re-issues, since BMG took over the company in the late 1980s.
Amongst his masterpieces was the Grammy nominated box set "Elvis, The King of Rock 'n' Roll: The Complete 50's Masters" from 1992.

A lifelong Elvis fan himself, Jorgensen knew what real fans were looking for, but more importantly:
he knew where to look for it! Being a historian and a lifelong crime novel fiend proves to be important when it comes to finding lost crown jewels.
BMG (now Sony Music International) held his expertise in high esteem and granted him his dream.
As a result, the label "Follow That Dream" (FTD) was launched in 1999.
Ernst Jorgensen was keen to re-establish Elvis as a serious artist and to weaken the ever growing market of bootlegs worldwide.

Follow That Dream Records - July 17 1999 Announcement:

To serve the dedicated Elvis collector business in a more strategic way,
RCA Records and its parent company, Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG),
are pleased to announce the test marketing of an officially endorsed collectors label.
Repertoire will be issued on behalf of RCA/BMG by Follow That Dream Records (FTD).

Its mandate is to complement the commercial and artistic level of RCA's retail release schedule
by issuing repertoire that is considered unsuitable for mainstream use.
This special material is being marketed directly to serious Elvis collectors through fan clubs,
specialist magazines, specialist retailers and dedicated mail order companies.

The FTD label will not be canvassing directly to any regular retail outlets, however,
any non-USA retailer wanting stock will be able to acquire it directly from FTD
or from designated fan clubs in their area.
In America, Elvis Presley's Graceland will be the exclusive distributor
through its retail stores at Graceland and through its mail order operation.

This series has been instigated for the following reasons:

1. To make artistically and historically important material available for the dedicated collector.
      This will allow RCA's main retail focus to be maintained and ensure that Elvis' actual masters
      and substantial outtake material do not confuse general record consumers.

2. To create and promote product that satisfies the insatiable appetite of fans for material.
      It is also appreciated that the extraordinary maintenance of Elvis' dedicated fan base
      by committed individuals needs commercial support to ensure survival.

3. To steer fans away from buying illegal (bootleg) product.
      The volume of unofficial audio product in the market place has reached a level which BMG and the Elvis Presley Estate can no longer tolerate.
      As announced separately, BMG Entertainment International, the RCA Records label and the Estate of Elvis Presley
      intend to vigorously prosecute any company or individual who violates their copyrights, trademarks and other rights.
      Products have recently been seized and all conventions, record fairs, mail order operations and other activities will be monitored closely.

FTD plans to release three or four packages per year, providing there is sufficient interest
and the producers feel assured that the releases add to the fans' enjoyment and understanding of Elvis Presley's unique recording career.
In order to make this label financially possible, only product that has received enough advance orders from the distributors will be manufactured.
FTD will only produce marginally more than the collective total of advance orders to avoid stock risk and warehouse expenses.
Only if repeat orders from the distributors are very significant, will FTD reprint. Each release will follow a quick path:
"It's coming - it's here - it's gone." Distributors, including Graceland, will receive information two to three months in advance to disseminate to the fans.

After many years of anticipation, RCA Records has proactively given the go-ahead for a collector's dream
- rewarding the fans' many years of supporting the world's greatest entertainer of all time.
Since 1986, when RCA became part of BMG, the company has been totally committed to excellence
by instigating the complete restoration of Elvis' entire recording heritage.
Both praise and criticism have been embraced honestly by RCA/BMG in an effort to do what is right.
They have given producers Ernst Mikeal Jorgensen and Roger Semon nothing but total support for all these years.
Both Jorgensen and Semon are honored to be custodians of this new venture.
RCA Records in conjunction with FTD will work more closely with all customers who wish to continue supporting Elvis Presley in a dignified,
passionate and professional way. It is the company's intention to expand commercial relationships for the new millennium.
This new label is testament to its continued commitment.

Follow That Dream

Copyright holders:
    1954       SUN contracted Elvis.
    1956       RCA (Record Company of America) bought Elvis' SUN catalog.
    1984       RCA released first Elvis CD in April 1984.
    1986       BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group) bought RCA.
    1999       FTD (Follow That Dream Records) was founded.
    2004       Sony/BMG label release Elvis CD's. (Joint venture BMG/Sony sinds 2003)
    2008       Sony (Sony Music Entertainment) bought the BMG catalog in August 2008.

My Elvis Collection

FTD background info